Friday, August 1, 2014

Short Story Review: Czech Me Out

Title: Czech Me Out

Author: B.A. Tortuga

Publisher/GR Link: Torquere Press

Genre: MM, short

Vice: Cowboys, bottoms

Rating: 4/5

Lock this book up : 4 keys out of 5, sexy short story where sex is the main focus, but supported by a cute romance

Length: Short story

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: One story in a longer anthology, simple cover that works

Best Line: "I more than wanted it."

SynopsisCowboy Korde has come to Austin to visit his sister, and to find some work during a tough patch in his life. He has no idea what to do with himself, though, and his sister needs him to amuse himself and stay out of her hair.
When food truck owner Josh meets Korde, he knows just what the hot cowboy needs. Korde is willing, if completely overwhelmed by what Josh makes him feel. Can Josh convince Korde they have the perfect recipe for love.
Story also appears in Designated Bottoms Anthology.

Impressions: I couldn't pass this by because it was by Tortuga, and it featured cowboys (and food trucks!)  I'm glad I didn't.  This short, sexy story was the best kind of short...a cute, light plot that drives a hot and sexy story.  Korde is adorable, and I was eager to see Josh open his eyes to the joys that lie ahead.  I was not disappointed!

The rest of this Torquere Press Anthology looks good too, but check it out for this story if for no other reason.  You won't be disappointed!

Definitely recommended!

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