Thursday, January 1, 2015

Page's Top Fifteen MM of 2014!

Anyone who knows me, knows that choosing my "favorite" of anything is really a challenge!

Nevertheless, I will attempt it for my dear, fellow MM readers.

This year I really needed some great reads, and I was lucky enough to find many enjoyable hours of escapist fun.

Here they are, in order of reading date, not preference:

1. Smoky Mountain Dreams, Leta Blake 

This isa  great story, full of love and complex main characters.  I loved that there were no easy answers, and yet there was a pure and strong love that saw the MC's through to a much deserved HEA. 

2. Enlightenment Series, Johanna Chambers

A great series, with a realistic setting and two strong, intriguing main characters.  I'm a sucker for a good historical, and this had a great historical reference, as well as two MC's that lit up the page.  

3. Bliss, Lisa Henry

This sci-fi book had an amazing setting and story premises.  I wasn't sure what I was getting into, because this is outside of my normal reads, but I was SO glad that I gave it a try.  Henry and Belleau have never let me down before, so I shouldn't be surprised that I loved it so much.  Beyond a really great setting, this novel and some great MC's and a truly interesting premises.  Note to self: Stepping outside of my comfort zone can be rewarding!

4. Home the Hard Way, ZA Maxfield
This was another out-of-my-comfort zone book.  I wasn't sure about the mystery plot, but how could I doubt ZA Mayfield, even for a second?!  This was an amazing read.  Intriguing, complex, and with two amazing MC's.  

5. Hard Feelings, Ashlyn Kane

I thought this was going to be a light, fun read, but it was so much more.  I enjoyed every minute of this book and I connected with these MC's way more than I anticipated.  This was a book that stuck with me.  

6. Last Thing He Needs, JH Knight

This is the ext kind of cop novel + guy with kids/responsibilities novel.  I just LOVED it.  

7. Pull Me Under, Zarah Detand

OK, I'll admit, this one took me by surprise, and earned me a few teasing comments from my friends. I read this book and I LOVED it.  I loved the MC's, the secondary characters, and everything.  It swept me away from life.  Then, I found out it was fan fic...One Direction fan fic (hence the teasing comments!)  Now, I cannot name a single member of One Direction.  I have a vague mental picture of a bunch of kids with Beiber hair, but I cannot deny...I LOVED THIS BOOK.  And I will stand by it!  For all of you, like me, who can't hum along to any twenty tunes, don't pass this one up!

8. River Leith, Leta Blake

One wrestler with amnesia, and his amazing boyfriend, combine to make a love story that touched my heart.  I fell in love with these MC's as they fell in love all over again.  Truly, I cannot say enough.  Check it out.  Its much deeper and more poignant than a simple love story, but at its heart, it is a true story of love. 

9. Hanging by the Moment, HB Pattskyn

     I wasn't sure about these MC's, since they are outside of some of my normal reading, and once again, thank god for that!  This book was very touching and moving.  I felt transported into their lives, and I counted myself lucky to be there!

10. Stay With Me, SE Harmon

      I don't always gravitate to books where there is a wife, but this one was getting some rave reviews, so I checked it out.  It was great!  I loved the connection and the build between the MCs. 

11. Markof Cain, Kate Sherwood

This one cranked my angst-ometer.  I love Sherwood, and she did not let me down.  There were no easy answers in this book, and I really loved the complexities of these two men.  I found them to be so believable and realistic in their reactions.

12. Blinding Light, Renae Kaye

Renae Kaye is an auto buy for me, and I love her Australian series, but this one was very special to me.  I loved the two MCs, both so different and yet so similar.  Very emotional.  

13. Only Love, Garret Leigh

Garret Leigh is another auto buy for me.  I loved her Rare series, and this one proves to have a similar set of damaged MCs who have to fight hard for their well deserved HEA.

14. Think of England, KJ Charles

As far as historical go, they don't get any better than this.  I don't think I loved two MCs and their building tension more than I loved these guys.  This had all of the enjoyment of a juicy Regency and a romantic MM.  If you are a Regency lover, but new to MM, check this out, and if you are looking to dabble in Historical MM, this one is for you too!

15. Shaking the Sugar Tree, Nick Wilgus

This was one of the most unique books I read in MM this year.  The MC and his situation don't fit any of the typical tropes, and it was what made this a stand out! I will definitely be looking for more from this author.

16.  The Tin Box, Kim Fielding

 I've already reviewed this as a 5+ keeper, so be sure to check that out for more information, but this book mixes history and a contemporary love in a way that you won't soon forget. 

Bonus: On Solid Ground, Melissa Collins 

This book comes out on 1/15, but I was lucky enough to get an ARC in December!  Stay tuned for my full review, but you won't want to miss this one!

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