Sunday, December 31, 2017

5 Star New Release Review: The Fortune Hunter by Bonnie Dee

The Fortune Hunter

Title: The Fortune Hunter

Author: Bonnie Dee

Publisher/GR LinkGoodreadss

Genre: MM Historical

Rating: 5 Stars!

Lock this book up: 3 keys!  Its hot and keeps the pages turning

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: What is not to love??

Summary: A man with nothing finds everything.
Abandoned at birth, WWI veteran Hal Stanton faces bleak employment prospects in post-war London. Desperation spurs him to reinvent himself to hook a wealthy wife, one he will be devoted to even if he feels no real passion. But when he meets his fiance’s cousin, Julian Needham, it’s all he can do to keep his heart in check and his eye on the prize.

From the moment he’s introduced to the charming stranger Margaret plans to marry, Julian suspects the man’s motives yet fights a relentless attraction. He’s determined to reveal Hal as a fraud but must handle the matter delicately to protect his sweet cousin’s feelings. A weekend at the family estate should allow time and opportunity for him to expose Halstead Wiley.

Even as the men match wits in a battle of attempted unmasking, powerful sexual attraction threatens to overcome them both and win the day. Can a true love connection possibly grow between these adversaries without destroying lives and loved ones?

Review: I have been a fan of Bonnie Dee for ages, and I was so excited to get a sneak peek at her newest release, and I was not at all disappointed!

In the Fortune Hunter we meet Hal, desperate to make his life into something better than he has had, he is looking to join the Needham household, a landed gentry family.  When he comes to meet Julian, the cousin of his betrothed, sparks fly.  Hal is so wonderfully sweet and strong, and Julian is so proper and yet so much in need of love and acceptance.  Ms. Dee masterfully walks the line with each character, and these men jump off the page.  I understood Hal and yearned for him to find the stability he had always been denied, and I wanted Julian to find the love he had denied himself.

The secondary cast of characters were great additions, and I loved the setting of the novel which really captures high society in the midst of major changes and adaptations.  I loved the nuances of the setting that really made this novel so realistic.

I cannot recommend this novel enough, especially for historical fans.  If you are an MM historical fan, no doubt your already know Ms. Dee by her work, but make sure not to let this one slip by you!