Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chaos Station #2: Lonely Shore

Title: Chaos Station #2: Lonely Shore

Author: Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Publisher/GR Link: Carina, GR

Genre: MM Science Fiction

Vice: Science Fiction, Spaceships, Aliens and very hot guys

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Lock this book up: 3 out of 5 keys.  The sex is hot and supports the story line

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA/HFN

Cover Impressions: Love it.  Looks great next to book 1. 

Best Line: "There was no better feeling in the world."

Synopsis:  All they can do is live day to day...

Felix Ingesson has returned to his duties as the Chaos's engineer with Zander Anatolius, his ex-boyfriend-turned-broken-super-soldier, at his side. Hope means something again. But there's nothing Felix can do to battle the alien poison flowing through Zander's veins, or his imminent mental decline. With each passing day, the side effects of Zander’s experimental training are becoming more difficult to ignore.

When the ruthless Agrius Cartel seeks their revenge—including an ambush and an attempt to kidnap the Chaos’s crew—Zander is pushed over the edge. He can no longer hide his symptoms, nor does he want to. But hurting Felix when he’s not in control of himself is Zander’s worst nightmare—when it nearly happens, he agrees to seek help. Even if that means trusting the unknown.  

As Zander places his life in alien hands, Felix appoints himself his lover’s keeper. And though he tries to be strong, he can’t ignore the fact that he might lose Zander…forever this time.

Impressions: I've made no secret of my unabashed love for Book #1, Chaos Station.  I have been eagerly awaiting this book, and I know I'll be marking my calendar for the next in the series.  I am usually super OCD about series, and I have to wait until the upcoming releases are closer or I'll go crazy.  But, every now and then, a series comes along and I have to stop the world and devour the newest release, and Chaos Station is DEFINITELY in that category.

Book 2 picks up just where #1 left off.  The world building is just as amazing, and I loved learning more about my new favorite alien race.  The adventure is high, the action is fast, and the romance is so moving.

Zed and Felix are two strong, alpha men, and I love that they both stand up to and for each other.  Watching Zed deal with the aftermath of his government work broke my heart, and seeing Felix struggle through his pain to be strong kept me glued to my kindle.  

I love these guys, this world, and their cast of friends and crew.  If you haven't read Chaos Station, stop what you are doing and grab these both right now.  Then start counting down until each new release with me!

BiB 5 Star Review: For Real

Title: For Real

Author: Alexis Hall

Publisher/GR LinkGR, Riptide

Genre: MM Contemporary

Vice: May/December, BDSM

Rating: 5 out of 5 Banned in Boston stars

Lock this book up: 4 out of 5 keys.  The sex is hot and an integral part of the story.

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: Suits the story well

Best Line: .."then he twisted his fingers possessively in my hair and mumbled, 'thank you...' 'For what,' I couldn't resist asking.  'For getting me.'"

SynopsisLaurence Dalziel is worn down and washed up, and for him, the BDSM scene is all played out. Six years on from his last relationship, he’s pushing forty and tired of going through the motions of submission.

Then he meets Toby Finch. Nineteen years old. Fearless, fierce, and vulnerable. Everything Laurie can’t remember being.

Toby doesn’t know who he wants to be or what he wants to do. But he knows, with all the certainty of youth, that he wants Laurie. He wants him on his knees. He wants to make him hurt, he wants to make him beg, he wants to make him fall in love.

The problem is, while Laurie will surrender his body, he won’t surrender his heart. Because Toby is too young, too intense, too easy to hurt. And what they have—no matter how right it feels—can’t last. It can’t mean anything.

It can’t be real.

Impressions: This is an amazing read!  I read BDSM when the mood strikes, but I wouldn't say it is a favorite sub-genre, and I thought I'd be getting a good BDSM book based on the blurb I had read.  Did I ever underestimate this book!  

To think of this as another sub looking for a dom book does this engrossing novel a huge disservice.  This is a story about two complex, strong, fallible men finding love and each other, and learning to accept their love and themselves.  

Laurie is a wonderful combination strength and self consciousness.  He has been hurt and is trying to keep his life patched together, but he is missing something he is almost afraid to acknowledge he needs.

Toby is young and full of passionate intensity, self knowledge, and self questions.  Toby's youth and convictions are a delicious combination, and it is 100% believable that Laurie was just as captivated by him as are we.

This novel explores identity and relationships in such  new, authentic way.  I saw elements of myself in both Toby and Laurie, and I would venture to say that many others will feel the same way.  In truth, I have little on the surface similar to either man, but Hall writes so beautifully about their struggles for self love and self acceptance, that I think everyone will see themselves in these universal struggles.  If you love BDSM, then grab it, and if you aren't usually a BDSM fan, give this one a try.  It explores BDSM as a way to meet the needs of the MC's and each other, and is much more about love than anything else.

For Real is available now on Riptide's site, and tomorrow on other online vendors.  This is a beautiful journey, and I didn't want to put it down for a second. I'm not at all embarrassed to say that I fell a little in love with both MC's, and I loved the secondaries too.  I just realized that this was part of the "Spires" world, and I haven't read any of those yet, and I promise I will ASAP!  (Glitterland has been on my TBR for an embarrassingly long time!)

Grab this book now and settle in for a story of love, strength and commitment.

This book was provided via netgalley for an unbiased review.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Delivered Fast, Portland Heat #3

Title: Delivered Fast

Author:  Annabeth Albert

Publisher/GR LinkGR

Genre: MM Contemporary

Vice: May/December, Coffee, Lumbersexuals

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Lock this book up: 4 out of 5 keys.  Sex is hot and supports the story.

Length: Novella

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: Adorable

SynopsisSure, Chris O’Neal has problems. His restaurant is still co-owned by his ex. His flannel-and-tattoos style is making him accidentally trendy. He can’t remember the last time he went out and had fun. But he’s not lonely, he’s driven. And the hot bakery delivery boy is not his problem, no matter how sweet his buns.

Chris is old enough to know Lance Degrassi’s sculpted good looks and clever double entendres spell nothing but trouble. Lance is still in college—he should be hitting the clubs and the books, chasing guys his own age, not pursuing some gruff motorcycle-riding workaholic. Especially when he’ll be leaving for grad school in a few months. But Lance keeps hanging around, lending a hand, charming Chris to distraction. Maybe some steaming hot no-strings indulgence won’t hurt.

Then again, maybe it will…

Impressions:  I've really been enjoying this series, and this book was no exception.  Lance was adorable and wise beyond his years, but Chris stole the show.  I loved watching his curmudgeonly crush on Lance, and watching him thaw out enough to believe that he was able to trust in the love that was being offered to him.  

I thought the way the story developed was awesome, and I loved that Chris had to give a little to really get his happiness.  This story kept a smile on my face and left me with the warm feels.  

If you haven't read the first two books yet, you should!  You don't need to read them in order to jump in at this one, but trust me, you don't want to miss out on them either!

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Release Review: Blowing off Steam

Title: Blowing off Steam

Author: Joy Lynn Fielding

Publisher/GR Link: Samhain, GR

Genre: MM contemporary

Vice: Nerds, sexy men, trains, feel good

Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Lock this book up: 4 out of 5 keys.  The sex is HOT and supports the story. 

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: I love it.  Looks steampunk-ish, but its a wonderful contemporary.

Best Line: "...He couldn't want for anything more."

SynopsisTwo guys, a train, and lots of steam.

Sam Chancellor has been in love with the steam engine Old Bess since he was six years old. Well, maybe not literally, but even when he’s lost everything else in his life, he’s always had her. But now her place in his heart has been unexpectedly challenged. Her new driver, Ryan Saunders, is the embodiment of all Sam’s fantasies.

Ryan has written off Sam as just another geeky trainspotter—until the moment Ryan sees him without his usual shapeless hoodie, and realizes that for a nerd, Sam’s pretty built.

When Ryan overlooks Sam’s awkwardness long enough to suggest a hook-up, Sam seizes the opportunity—and Ryan—with both very eager hands. Finding common ground in their shared love of Bess, their time together is better than Sam ever dared dream.

But there’s a reason Ryan never talks about his past. And when Ryan's job is threatened, Sam’s well-meaning intervention puts both Ryan and Bess in deadly danger.

Impressions:  I loved this book!  I spent my day thinking about how I could squeeze in time to read while I was cooking a big dinner!  I read while I stirred the sauce, while I worked the grill, and while I baked a cake!  At my most fortunate moments, I read when I snuck away into the comfy chair to read for a few minutes!

Sam was so adorable that I wanted to reach into my kindle and give him a hug.  (I could definitely be his sassy lesbian friend! Maybe I can be written into the sequel?!)  Ryan was so bold and confident, and yet so vulnerable at the same time.  I loved watching him connect not just with Sam, but with his own self and his own identity.

I didn't know a lot about trains before this, though I have ridden on an older locomotive, but this made me want to learn even more.  I could see how the predictability and power could be so comforting to Sam.  

This was a story about awakenings, both sexual and personal, and about forging a new future.  I was curious about some of the details of the MC's backstories, but then I realized that those things weren't important, and in fact they might have distracted from the joy of watching these two men find each other.  I didn't need the sad details of their past to wish for their happiness. 

I would love to hear more from these guys, but I feel completely satisfied with their lives now!

I was excited to give this a try when I read the blurb and I am so glad that I did!  Check it out and you won't regret it at all!   Don't let this one sit in the TBR it now and start reading at midnight!