Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review: Get What You Need

Title: Get What You Need

Author:  Jeanette Grey

Publisher/GR Link: Samhain Press, GR

Genre: MM

Vice: Nerds, Contemporary, Jocks

Rating: 4.25/5

Lock this book up : 4 out of 5 keys, Sex is hot and moves the plot along, totally supporting the romance

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA- definitely satisfied

Cover Impressions: I like it (maybe minus the baseball...I'm having flashbacks to gym class and they aren't pretty.)  Overall, very clean, bright and eye catching.

Best Line: "'I never asked-'
"You didn't have to. Okay?...You never have to ask.  When you don't take care of yourself...I hate it.  I hate seeing you like that.'"

Synopsis"Love isn't rocket science. It's much, " much "harder. "

Determination and elbow grease propelled Greg London from blue-collar background to Ph.D. candidate. His single-mindedness doesn't leave a lot of room for a personal life, but that's the price of success. Besides, it's not like the boring nerd ever ends up with the hot guy.

Then his housemate, gorgeous undergraduate jock Marshall Sulkowski, invites him to watch a movie. In his room. Side by side on his bed. Needless to say, the sexual tension is wreaking havoc with Greg's focus.

Marsh seems to have it all-looks, charm, and a baseball scholarship to a great school. In reality, his father's cut him off, and he's floundering and desperate for a break.

One impulsive kiss leads to a red-hot affair that gets them a little bit of what they need to stay afloat. But as the end of the semester approaches and the pressure rises, Marsh realizes charm may have gotten him into his brilliant lover's pants, but he'll have to dig deeper to discover what they both need.

Warning: Contains housemates falling into bed with each other, a geek who needs a break, and a jock who doesn't know his own worth. Also, vague science and explicit m/m sex.

Impressions:  Can I please give Marsh a hug?  I was attracted to this book because a.) I often love the MM Samhain puts out, and b.) I love me some nerds (since I am a nerd!)  I expected to read this and identify with the geeky ways of the nerdy MC, but Ms. Grey crafted an even better character in Marsh.  A jock who doesn't believe in himself, and a young man more alone in the world than Greg could even realize.  

I loved the way this story flipped my expectations around, and made Marsh the guy I wanted to see find his guy.  Greg was a great character too, and I loved watching him finally begin to realize what has been growing between the two of them.  The secondary characters were great too, and I loved the the majority of them were fellow geeks. In many jock themed books I enjoy getting to know the other jocks, though in this book we don't see any of Marsh's teammates.  I think that really worked here because it helped create Marsh's sense of loneliness and isolation.  

Overall, this book was a sweet, hot, sexy and fun read.  I totally fell for both MCs, especially Marsh, and I couldn't wait to see them get their much deserved HEA.  I will definitely be looking out for more of Ms. Grey's work!

Highly recommended!

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