About Us

We're two queer women from Boston and we are both avid readers!

Audra loves a heroine with spunk, steamy romantic entanglements, a not inconsiderable amount of sex in a story, and exotic locales. A married lesbian with a baby on the way, she's got a soft spot for the ubiquitous Scottish laird, prefers Heathcliff to Rochester, and never peeks at the ending. She also blogs as Unabridged Chick.

Danielle (Pagecrusherz) is new to blogging book reviews, but reads voraciously, especially when a story involves men and the men who love them. When she isn't being a mom and a teacher of classic literature, she can be found curled up with her Kindle, reading romance and erotica. She loves grand romantic gestures, a heaping dose of angst, and enough heat to steam her Kindle screen. She especially loves cowboys, prefers Rochester to Heathcliff, and almost always peeks at the endings.

About the Name

The Watch and Ward Society formed at the end of the 19th century and operated in Boston to "suppress vice" in literature and the performing arts.  It led to works being labeled with "Banned in Boston." Our Watch and Word Society looks for books dripping with vice so we can share them with you!  The highest rating we can bestow is our own "Banned in Boston" list, bringing the most romantic, salacious, and titillating books right to you!

Review Policy

We'd love to review your book!  Reviewing books is a hobby for us -- we both work full-time -- so we appreciate your understanding if we don't respond to review requests immediately.

Please send all review requests to watch.and.word.society at gmail.com

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