Book Reviews

Reviews sorted alphabetically by author.

Jeff Adams, Hat Trick
A.M. Arthur, Understanding Jeremy
A.M. Arthur, Unearthing Cole

Mary Balogh, The Arrangement
J.P. Barnaby, A Heart for Robbie
Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry, Bliss
Kade Boehme, Going Under
Kade Boehme, Keep Swimming

Charlie Cochrane, Second Helpings
Melissa Collins, Let Love Live

Charley Descoteaux, The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds

Kim Fielding, The Tin Box

Lydia Gastrell, One Indulgence
Jeanette Grey, Get What You Need

Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau, Bliss

Morgan James & Ashlyn Kane, Hard Feelings

Ashlyn Kane & Morgan James, Hard Feelings
Renae Kaye, The Blinding Light
J.H. Knight, The Last Thing He Needs

Tara Lain, Love You So Hard
E.M. Leya, A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Z.A. Maxfield, Home the Hard Way
JL Merrow, Caught!
AKM Miles, Put Me in a Book

SJD Peterson, BAMF

Thorny Sterling, Splinters
Felice Stevens, Rescued

B.A. Tortuga, Czech Me Out

Cooper West, Damaged Goods

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