Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pre Order NOW! Eastern Cowboy

Title: Eastern Cowboy

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher/GR Link: Dreamspinner (PreorderGR

Genre: MM Contemporary Western

Vice: Disablity, Speech Problems, Strong and Silent Types, Cowboys

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Lock this book up: 3 out of 5 keys.  The sex is hot, romantic, and matches the plot

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: I like it, and it suits the story

Best Line:  "He wasn't sure what Tanner was saying, but it didn't matter.  He was being held tight, and that was what counted."

SynopsisBrighton McKenzie inherited one of the last pieces of farmland in suburban Baltimore. It has been in his family since Maryland was a colony, though it has lain fallow for years. Selling it for development would be easy, but Brighton wants to honor his grandfather's wishes and work it again. Unfortunately, an accident left him relying on a cane, so he’ll need help. Tanner Houghton used to work on a ranch in Montana until a vengeful ex got him fired because of his sexuality. He comes to Maryland at the invitation of his cousin and is thrilled to have a chance to get back to the kind of work he loves.

Brighton is instantly drawn to the intensely handsome and huge Tanner—he’s everything Brighton likes in a man, though he holds back because Tanner is an employee, and because he can’t understand why a man as virile as Tanner would be interested in him. But that isn’t the worst of their problems. They have to face the machinations of Brighton's aunt, Tanner’s ex suddenly wanting him back, and the need to find a way to make the farm financially viable before they lose Brighton’s family legacy.

Impressions: I have always been a fan of Mr. Grey's work, though I still have several left on my TBR pile, but I am so glad that I moved this one to the top of the pile!

Grey does a great job of creating realistic, moving characters, and Tanner and Brighton are two of my favorites.  I love a wounded hero, and this book has two in one!  Brighton, self conscious of his scars and afraid no one can want him meets Tanner, huge, strong, and caught up in his own fears that his stutter is a sign of his intelligence.   These two men, so convinced of their own flaws learn to love each other, even before they can love themselves.

This story was like wrapping myself in a comfy robe and settling in with a warm cup of cocoa.  It was sweet, sexy, and touching.  There is enough angst to make the relationship one that I cared about, but this isn't a read that will break you apart.  Rather, it will remind you that when we feel broken, there are always those around us who see us as perfect for them.  

If, like me, your TBR pile is quickly outpacing your eyes, make sure you still keep this one on the top.  When you need some warm fuzzies, grab this one and settle in.

This book is available for preorder, so grab it now!

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