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Book Review: One Indulgence

Title: One Indulgence

Author: Lydia Gastrell

Publisher/GR Link: Loose Id (Release date 9/9/14), GR

Genre: Historical, MM

Vice: Regency

Rating: 4.75/5

Lock this book up: 3 out of 5 keys, sex is extremely hot, definitely fits the story and is essential to the plot

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HFN (with a promise of HEA!)

Cover Impressions: I think it looks great.  Fits the story and has two cravats!

Best Line: "For several minutes there was nothing but the rasp of heavy breathing and the thump of two hearts pounding."

SynopsisWhen Henry Cortland, the Earl of Brenleigh, comes to London to fulfill his duty and take a wife, he also decides to first fulfill his most secret and suppressed desires. He wants to spend just one night with a man. A sultry encounter with a handsome stranger surpasses all his hopes, leaving him certain that he will live off the memories for the rest of his life.

Lord Richard Avery has grown tired of his endless string of casual relationships, yet an argument with his lover sends him right into the arms of a total stranger. But Henry is not like any lover he has ever had, and the attraction between them is more than physical. Richard wants more, but can their mutual attraction overcome Henry's family obligations and sense of duty? Can Richard convince him to follow his heart rather than the demands of family and title? 

Impressions: This is a stay up all nighter, for sure!  

This novel starts off with a super romantic, hot and sexy hook that had me completely bought into these characters.  I felt the romantic connection between these two men, and I found it to be very believable and palpable as the story progressed.  I was immediately drawn to Henry and Richard, and I loved every moment of their journey.  I started it this morning and I could not put it down.  I kept checking the amount left on my kindle, hoping that it wasn't going by too quickly!

I loved Henry's shy awkwardness and Richard's strength coupled with his desire for love and real connection.  Henry is a man caught in a very challenging position, and Richard is a man struggling to keep his outward charm intact, while dealing with the loneliness his situation and brother have heaped on him.  It makes sense that these two men find each other, as they each fill a need for each other.  Richard needs love and care, and to receive the same from his lover, in a time where men rarely meet for love or commitment.  Henry is alone in the world, trying to distance himself from the fear he has about himself, and attempting to embrace the duty that has been instilled in him since birth.

Gastrell did a great job of writing complex secondary characters that evolved and developed as the story progressed.  When I was sure I had someone pegged as nothing but a bad guy, Gastrell showed a side of them that gave me a whole new perspective.  From peers to family members, these secondaries really enhanced the story for me.  I think it really worked that one of these amazing secondaries also helps to teach Richard that there is a way for him to be in love and happy.

Gastrell created a wonderful glimpse into the men of the ton who struggled to find their own paths to love.  This was one of this stories that grabs ahold of you and won't let go, and you will enjoy every moment.  I truly want to see more of these men, and see how they find their way.  If I could change anything, it would be that I'd want to learn about their futures, but I think it is mostly just a desire for even more of this great story!  The best thing I see is that this is listed on GR as book #1.  I hope that means there is more to come and I will get my wish!

Highly Recommended!  If you love Regency MM, or any great MM story, this is for you!

A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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