Monday, February 15, 2016

New Release: Getting Him Back

Title: Getting Him Back (Ethan and Wyatt #1)

Author: K.A. Mitchell

Publisher/GR Link: Carina Press, GR

Genre: MM Contemporary

Vice: New Adult, OFY, Dark past

Rating: 4 stars

Lock this book up: 3 keys.  The sex is hot and supports the plotline.

Length: Approx. 133 page Novel

Satisfaction: HFN

Cover Impressions: Adorbs!

Best Line: “Big time stupid love with a guy who was always going to need to be convinced that things didn’t have to suck.”

SynopsisEthan may have followed his high school sweetheart to college only to get dumped his first day there, but he's not going to let that stop him from exploring all his new life has to offer. Sex-only hookups, his photography, new friends and a campus-wide game of zombies vs humans all help keep his mind off his broken heart and move him toward building a new, better life without his ex.

And then there's Wyatt. Mysterious, grouchy—hot. And possibly not gay. But Ethan's not going to let that stand in the way of figuring out what makes Wyatt tick. New college goal? Get Wyatt into bed and into Ethan's life.

Step one: arrange a "tutoring" date. Step two: "accidentally" bump into Wyatt as often as possible. Step three: explore the sexy body under that ever-present hoodie. And when their friendship deepens into something neither of them expect, convince Wyatt he's not just a pity fling or a one-time hookup, but that Ethan is in it for the long haul.

Impressions: This was an adorable New Adult romance.  This was a sexy, fun read, and even when it dealt with some tricky topics, it always kept me entertained and hopeful for these two guys to find their HEA.

This story deals with Ethan’s realizations that first love isn’t always the fantasy it seems, and Wyatt’s journey to realize that first love is sometimes just as amazing as it seems.  Wyatt has a mysterious past, and things that he is afraid to share, and it was wonderful to watch Ethan learn that not every challenge in his life is the worst thing that can happen to someone.  

Ethan was adorable, but Wyatt really grabs your heart strings and pulls you into the page.  There were some great secondary characters, and an engaging and dynamic college setting.  Wyatt and Ethan get their HFN, but I think there is more story to tell, and I cannot wait to revisit them and learn even more about their journey to their HEA.

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