Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Release: So Into You, by S.E. Harmon, PI Guys #2

Title: So Into You

Author: S.J. Harmon

Publisher/GR Link:  Dreamspinner, Goodreads

Genre: MM Contemporay

Vice: Hollywood, PIs

Rating: 4 stars

Lock this book up:  3 keys…the sex is hot and supports the romance. 

Length:  Novel

Satisfaction:  HEA

Cover Impressions:  Very hot!

Synopsis: Screenwriter Noah Ashley has a few four-letter words for his agent when she suggests he improve his script by shadowing a PI. Still, because he’s an artist dedicated to his craft and she knows where the bodies are buried, he agrees. Then he spends a little time with the gorgeous PI, and suddenly it seems like a really good plan. The PI doesn’t seem to entirely love the idea, but Noah has never been afraid to go after what he wants.

PI Drew Rodriguez is used to people depending on him. He’s the classic rock for his family. Responsible. Dependable. The classic rock would never succumb to the borderline sleazy temptation of friends with benefits, no matter how sexy that temptation is. Drew is looking for something enduring.

Despite Drew’s misgivings, it’s not long before they’ve got all the requisites for friends with benefits going. Friendly, good conversation? Check. Fun times in and out of bed? Check. Hot, electrolyte-sapping sex? Double check. Falling in love? Yeah. About that….

Impressions:  Book #1 in this series was one of my favorites from last year.  I loved the banter between the Mac and his lover, Jordan, but also with his PI partner, Drew.  When I saw that we would get to enjoy Drew’s story, I was chomping at the bit to get to it!

I love Drew, and his dependable, predictable life.  I enjoy his quiet strength, and his “straight man” to Mac’s crazy antics.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see someone really shake up Drew’s staid life.

Noah was a great match from Drew, and he definitely kept him on his toes.  I am not generally a big fan of “those big Hollywood types” so Noah was going to be a hard win for me.  I was a little wary going into this with Drew and Noah, because I really wanted Noah to get the man that he deserved and needed. 

In the beginning I will say that I read this book for Mac and Drew more than Noah and Drew, but about 30% in, Noah started really winning me over, and by the middle of the book, I was really rooting for these guys to get their needed HEA.

I loved this book, and it was a treat to see Mac and Jordan again too.  You will be won over by Drew’s story, and you will love watching him make Noah work for the love that he can give him.

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