Thursday, May 7, 2015

5 Star Review and GIVEAWAY: Knight of Ocean Avenue

Title: Knight of Ocean Avenue

Author: Tara Lain

Publisher/GR LinkGR

Genre: MM Contemporary

Vice: Hunky construction workers, learning disabilities, Masc/Feminine Mix

Rating: 5 amazing stars

Lock this book up: 4 keys...the sex is hot and totally adds to the story

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: Do we have to ask?  Look at it!

Best Line: "How can you be 25 and not know you're gay."

SynopsisHow can you be twenty-five and not know you’re gay? Billy Ballew runs from that question. A high school dropout, barely able to read until he taught himself, Billy’s life is driven by his need to help support his parents as a construction worker, put his sisters through college, coach his Little League team, and not think about being a three-time loser in the engagement department. Being terrified of taking tests keeps Billy from getting the contractor's license he so desires, and fear of his mother's judgement blinds Billy to what could make him truly happy.

Then, in preparation for his sister’s big wedding, Billy meets Shaz—Chase Phillips—a rising star, celebrity stylist who defines the word gay. To Shaz, Billy embodies everything he’s ever wanted—stalwart, honest, brave—but even if Billy turns out to be gay, he could never endure the censure he’d get for being with a queen like Shaz. How can two men with so little in common find a way to be together? Can the Stylist of the Year end up with the Knight of Ocean Avenue?

Impressions:  This was one of the best stories that I have read in a long time.   I had been looking forward to this, as I am a big Tara Lain fan, and I had downloaded it immediately upon seeing it.  I had a lot going on in life, and I had a major book series hangover, so I opened this one up and dove right in....and then stayed up until 2 AM to finish it.  2 AM!  And I am a public school teacher...I get up at 5 AM!  And you know what?  It was totally worth it to face a bunch of sweaty, grumpy teenagers on only 3 hours of sleep in order to have read this gem.  What a book!

Shall could not be cuter and sweeter, and he was so much more than his brash exterior.  I loved that we could immediately see that and understand his vulnerability.  Billy was a dream come true.  He is handsome, strong, and so sensitive.  I loved him, and though it is a hard choice, he was the one to fully capture my heart.

This book dealt with some really important and complex issues, but it did it while making us fall in love with these two guys, and by reminding us that at the end of the day, love is what matters.  

This was such a sexy, sweet and engaging book that I cannot give it a stronger recommendation.  This is a book that will wrap you up in the warm fuzzies, and finally send you off to bed with a smile on your face.

In fact, I found this to be such a joy that I will offer a FREE ebook version to one lucky commenter below! Everyone should have this on their kindle for when they need a book-hug!

Highly, highly recommended!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! Please, Please, pick me!!!!!! I totally want this book!!!!!!! Thanks for giving me a chance!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brandy, Congrats! Email me at and I will get your book to you!

  2. Danielle, i'm thrilled that you liked my book, honored that you featured it and will be so happy if you will allow me to be the one to give away the ecopy. Or i'll give away a second ecopy! LOL. You made my day. : )

  3. I definitely need a book hug right now. :) This book looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to win and the great review. Makes me want to read it more.

    1. You will love this book hug, Elaine! Email me at and I'll get you your book!

  4. I always enjoy Tara's books and would love to read her latest book! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  5. D, awesome review!! Sounds adorable -- and if you gave up sleep for it, that's a pretty ringing endorsement!! <3 you.

  6. Congrats to our winners...Tara, if you don't mind giving one too, let's make two people very happy today!

    Random generator picks:
    Elaine White and Brandy Lucero, I will email you both!

    1. I'm thrilled to do it. Please email me the winner's email addy and i'll send the book right away. You can reach me at tara at taralain dot com Thanks to everyone who entered and especially to Danielle and the Watch and Word Society for reading and reviewing my book. I'm thrilled and honored. : )

  7. Thank you, All! More giveaways to come!