Sunday, May 10, 2015

5 Star: Immortal, by Amy Lane

Title: Immortal

Author: Amy Lane

Publisher/GR LinkGR, Dreamspinner

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale

Vice: fairytale, love that is immortal, surviving abuse

Rating: 5 well deserved stars

Lock this book up: 3 out of 5 keys. The sex is totally fitting for the story.

Length: Novel

Satisfaction: All I can say is it ends just the way it should have.  And I smiled...and had goosebumps.

Cover Impressions: Totally gorgeous.

Best Line: "There are debts you cannot repay, and debts you can repay in the worst of ways. And debts you incur just by living. The scale has yet to be forged that would measure what I owe."

SynopsisWhen Teyth was but a child, a cruel prince took over his village, building a great granite tower to rule over the folk. Greedy and capricious, the man will be the bane of Teyth’s existence as an adult, but as a boy, Teyth is too busy escaping his stepfather to worry about his ruler.

Sold into apprenticeship to the local blacksmith, Teyth finds that what was meant as a punishment is actually his salvation. Cairsten, the smith, and Diarmuid, his adopted son, are kind, and the smithy is the prosperous heart of a thriving village. As Teyth grows in the craft of metalwork, he also grows in love for Diarmuid, the gentle, clever young man who introduces him to smithing.

Their prince wants Diarmuid too. As the tyrant inflicts loss upon loss on Teyth and Diarmuid, Teyth's passion for his craft twists into obsession. By the time Teyth resurfaces from his quest to create immortality, he’s nearly lost the love that makes being human worth the pain. Teyth was born to sculpt his emotion into metal, and Diarmuid was born to lead. Together, can they keep their village safe and sustain the love that will make them immortal?

Impressions: Full disclosure- Amy Lane is an auto-buy for me.  I love the characters that she creates, the worlds she builds, and the feelings she pulls from all of her readers.  Whenever there is a new Lane release, I know its going to jump to the top of my TBR list, and so when I read the blurb for Immortal, I was excited and nervous all at once.  I tend to shy away from fantasy and fairytale unless the mood strikes me, and so I wasn't sure if I would follow my tried and true Lane-reading-plan.  Do I wait for the bookworm in my brain to call up a fairytale/paranormally type, or do I trust my reading plan?  Well, dear readers, I went with my gut, and I am so grateful that I did!

The world that Immortal brings us into swallowed me up from the first few pages.   Tyeth and Diarmuid live in a world where the villagers live by their pagan rituals and seasons.  They support each other and work together to protect themselves from their cruel king.   Tyeth comes to this village, a survivor of abuse, and finds a family and a skill in Cairsten and Diarmuid. 

There is so much that I want to say about the story, but there is so much to be discovered on this journey that its something that should be experienced as it is read.  Let me just say that this book will take you through a range of emotions as it sweeps you away into its world.  The love that is shown in this book is breath taking, and not just from Tyeth and Diarmuid.  Cairsten's love, and the love of their friends and chosen family is just as inspiring.  These characters sacrifice and bleed for their loves, and it is an honor to watch and experience.

 This novel has the combination of dialect, dynamic individuals, and that nuances of characterization that is something so unique to this author's skill.  All of these elements serve to pull you so thoroughly into this story that it is almost jarring to remember that I lived in the "real" world.  Despite how different this book was, there was still something that was so essentially Amy Lane that it couldn't have been written by anyone else.  

Beyond romance, MM, and fairytale, this is a piece of literature that shouldn't be missed.  It truly is a unique and relevant fairytale for the power of love, and one that is very much needed in our world today.  

Take a moment, or a few, out of your "real" world and lose yourself in a story that reminds us what it means to love, and shows us the true path to immortality.  

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