Sunday, January 3, 2016

Page's Dirty Dozens for 2016!!

Happy New Years!!  I have enjoyed spending the new start to 2016 by reading as many books as possible, and I have to say, this year si starting off very impressively!

I have pulled together a list of the Watch and Word Society's "Dirty Dozen" in both standalone books (or books that are standalone as of right now) and a "Dirty Dozen" of MM series.  In order to make the series list, I read every book that was published in the series in 2015.

In no particular order, here are some AMAZING reads that I had the pleasure of enjoying in 2015!

(Links will go to my review of book or series, when available, and to Goodreads, when not.)

Single Books:

   1.     Winter Ball, Amy Lane
   2.     Out of the Blues, Mercy Celeste
   3.     Forced Silence, Cate Ashwood
   4.     Borrowing Trouble, Kade Boehme
   5.     Staus Report, Annabeth Albert
   6.     Blueberry Boys, Vanessa North
   7.     Vespertine, Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn
   8.     Carry the Ocean, Heidi Cullinan
   9.     Kick at the Darkness, Keira Andrews
   10. Inthe Absence of Light, Adrienne Wilder
   11. Godsend, Sloan Johnson

   12. Misfits, Garret Leigh


     1.     Fated Hearts, Aimee Nicole Walker
     2.     Bend or Break, Amy Jo Cousins 
     3.     Chaos Station, Kelly Jensen, and Jenn Burke
     4.     Minnesota Christmas, Heidi Cullinan
     5.     Love in Laguna, Tara Lain
     6.     Gay Amish Romance, Keira Andrews
     7.     Resilient Love, Melanie Hansen
     8.     Indulgence, Lydia Gastrell
     9.     Sex in Seattle, Eli Easton 
     10. Homeruns, Sloan Johnson
     11. GlasgowLads, Avery Cockburn
     12. Fall or Break, Barbara Elsborg

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  1. Thank you so much. Delighted and honored to be included. : )