Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Review: Borrowing Trouble

Title: Borrowing Trouble  

Author: Kade Boehme

Publisher/GR LinkGR

Genre: MM Contemporary

Vice:  Coming Out, Kids

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Lock this book up: 3 Stars.  The sex is hot and totally supports the story line

Length:  Novel

Satisfaction: HEA- with a big, warm smile

Cover Impressions: I love it!

Best Line:  “He’d definitely never been so in love as he was today.”

Synopsis: After an amicable divorce, Jay Hill decided to move back to his rural hometown with his teenage kids. Being on good terms with his ex-wife and in laws has made the transition into single life pretty smooth. Things were good and uncomplicated. Then Landon Petty walked into his life.

Landon didn’t expect to still be stuck in his hometown working at his dad’s sawmill at this point in his life. Being an openly gay truck driver was as awkward in practice as in description. When Jay came to take over managerial duties at his dad’s business, Landon was surprised to find a friend. When Jay turns out not to be as straight as he thought, things get complicated.

When feelings for Landon shine a light on how much Jay’s life has been actually half lived, he’s forced to decide if he’ll jump in with both feet or if he’ll let Landon slip through his fingers.

Impressions:  I love Boehme’s work, and I was looking forward to this one very much.  I am happy to say that it was as amazing as I could have hoped for!

Jay is a very sympathetic character, and I found myself understanding and caring for him from the moment I “met” him.  He loves his children, and he appreciates the easy relationship he has with his ex, but as he starts to learn something new about himself, he never slipped into Victorian histrionics or denied what he was experiencing.  He has some very real challenges he needs to face, but I respected and admired that he was true to himself and all of those that he loved.

Landon is also a very relatable character.  He is at the cusp of a big change in his life, and he is ready to put his wishes and needs at the forefront of his priorities.  I liked that he was patient with Jay, but that he was honest with himself and his friends when he needed support.

What really struck me about this story, was not only was it Boehme’s inimitable romantic story with great MCs, it was alos a story that explores the complexities of being out, coming out, and falling love.  There are no saints or demons in this novel.  There are men and women who are struggling to understand something they don’t “get” while balancing their care and affection for those same people.  We see this in both Landon’s father and Jay’s exwife.  Neither Jay or Landon are perfect, but they are strong and dynamic.  In reality, these are the relationships that we often see and experience around us, and Boehme did a beautiful job of portraying these dynamics in the midst of a sweet, sexy, romance.

Highly Recommended.

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