Thursday, April 21, 2016

Book Reviews: In the Privacy of their Home

Title: In the Privacy of their Home

Author: R.A. Padmos

Publisher/GR Link: Manifold Press, GR

Genre: MM Historical

Vice: Closets, 1960’s

Rating: 5 Stars

Lock this book up:3 keys, the sex is sweet and sexy and supports the love story. 

Length: Novel (Short novel)

Satisfaction: HEA

Cover Impressions: Classy

Synopsis: Dylan’s life is regulated and precise, and as a gay man in the England of the 1960s it’s also necessarily secretive; the law regarding homosexuality may have changed, but unfortunately society’s attitudes are slow to catch up. Meeting Max – younger and less inhibited – is a shock to Dylan’s system; suddenly his world, which has been black and white, explodes into vivid colour. But loving Max is not without difficulty; Max is an artist, talented and ambitious, and there’s no way someone as ordinary as Dylan can hold on to him for long … or is there?

Impressions:  This was a really amazing book, and something out of the ordinary.  This is a moving, beautiful story of love in a time that, though not that many years ago, can seem like a life time ago.  Dylan lives a predictable and very lonely life.  When he meets Max, that loneliness starts to evolve into friendship, and then love.  How do these men navigate love in a time when it can literally cost them their freedom?  How do they learn how to love when there are almost no models of the relationships they want and deserve?

This book reminded me of the movie A Solitary Man but it left me with a smile on my face.  This was beautiful.  I’ve read other things by this author, and I will be sure to add the rest to my TBR pile ASAP.

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